Problem: It’s hard to live your best life.

Exploration: Limitless

Even in this time of unprecedented innovation and opportunity, so many people feel lost in life. With so much information competing for our attention, it’s often difficult to know where we should be headed, and even harder to know how to get there. But what if the answer’s simpler than it seems? What if cutting-edge technology can feel less cutting-edge , and more like people helping people be people? We think there’s something big there.


Problem: The pursuit of happiness is still out of reach for too many.

Exploration: Enough

More than 100 million people in America live every day in poverty. It’s easy to politicize this situation, but what’s harder – and a whole lot more transformative — is to look for solutions that fulfill basic needs. What’s the signal in the noise? What stories do the data tell that our assumptions may not? Our vision is for all people to live life doing more than searching for what they need to survive, and we intend to make it happen.


Problem: The way we’re changing the world isn’t working as well as it could be.

Exploration: Better

Have you ever tried to bring an idea to life that could create real social impact? No matter how good the idea, the process can feel a lot like you’re trying to push a tractor-trailer uphill. What gives? Shouldn’t there be a clearer path for turning great ideas into great initiatives? We envision a global community of changemakers free from the redundancies and fragmentation of today – supercharged to make impact at scale. 


Problem: The economy isn’t optimized for society to profit.

Exploration: For People

While opinions of capitalism may be nuanced, there’s little question that today’s economic system benefits the few, rather than the many. But wouldn’t it be nice if the more we fed our economy, the more it fed us back? Couldn’t we just design it to do that? We dream of an economic system that operates “for people” as much as it does “for profit”. It’s a whale of a project – but the upside is enormous.


Problem: The world’s problems are too complex to see as a single system.

Exploration: WorlDx

It’s easy to see that the world isn’t working for everyone in it. It’s a lot harder to see exactly why that is. So we asked ourselves: Would it be possible to distill the complexities of the world’s social issues into a single analysis? What would it unlock if we did? This multi-year project will synthesize existing studies and lead original research on the most leveraged and timely ways to create a better world.