About the Lab


Why We Exist

We’re believers. We believe tomorrow can be better than today. Much better. We believe all people have greatness inside them waiting impatiently to come out. We believe big dreams are worth pursuing just because they’re big, and because the world could use a few more people swinging for the fences.

Over the past hundred years or so, countless impossibilities have become daily realities at the hands of believers. Teams working at Edison Laboratories and Bell Labs, DARPA and NASA. Teams who doggedly pursued questions no one else had thought to ask, and through them, ushered in a new age for humanity.

But what the 20th Century meant for technology, we believe the 21st Century can mean for society. There are so many dots to be connected – so many wrongs to be righted to make the world work like it should. And so, armed with our curiosity, our passion, and some incredible people, our ambition is to be the most effective and reliable team for changing the world for the better.


How We Choose Projects

With every project we choose, we look for the intersections of necessity, opportunity, and excitement. Necessity, for us, is related to scale. We’re looking for projects that have the potential to improve the lives of millions of people. Opportunity is a reality check: is the problem solvable? Are there breakthrough insights, technologies, or trends that open new doors? And the excitement part? We’re looking for ideas with the emotional fuel to last for decades. If we aren’t passionate about them, we’ll give up long before the finish line.


How Launch and Grow Projects

Once we fully understand an issue and its root causes, we staff a small team around it to imagine what possibilities might be hiding within. Those teams begin a daunting but rewarding journey of ideation, testing, and discovery — all with the full support of Future Laboratories’ resources and partnerships. As more progress is made, more resources are unlocked, allowing any project to grow as big as necessary to get the job done.

Of course, the real magic happens when teams bump up against each other, sharing questions and ideas that lead to the biggest breakthroughs. Then, once a project is ready for the big time, we scale it with the support of our in-house accelerator.


Our Story

Future Laboratories was born out of The Future Project, one of the fastest-growing nonprofits in America. That organization began with a simple idea: all young people should grow up knowing how to find a passion and use it to change the world for the better. What better way is there to learn to fulfill their potential, improve society, and navigate this fast-changing world? 

Talking and thinking about that idea every day — and being inspired by thousands of young people building amazing projects from coast to coast — drove us to dream of a laboratory that serves way more than schools. So we built it.

Today, Future Laboratories is a sibling organization of the non-profit, sharing space and providing resources for The Future Project. We call ourselves a laboratory, not an incubator, because we don’t start with the solutions. Instead, we start with thorniest questions we can find, and follow our curiosity. We’re dreaming big, and we’re just getting started.